Decent proposal

15 Jul

Finally, in 2007, after 10 and a half years of dating, Karen and I wed.(A story for another time). It takes a long time to make sure that you are a fit.We did many trips together for weeks at a time, and we even lived together for 3 years. I knew from the second year of dating, or even before that, that we would get married someday, but it took Karen a wee bit longer. I think she is scared of change. She tells me that I asked her once early on. (I can’t remember that.) Said it freaked her out a bit. Whether I did, or did not, ask her back then is beside the point. Somewhere, deep down in the sub-cockles of my burning loins, I mean my heart, I always knew we’d be together – AWWWWWW. (Insert Hallmark card here.)

On my 30th birthday, I asked her to marry me. It was in Niagara Falls. (How cliché) We stayed at the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel. I think our room was on the 40th floor. We had a jacuzzi big enough for two, and a huge window over- looking the falls. Wow! Trés romantic. What can I say, I’m a real romancer. Actually, this was all booked and paid for by Karen for my 30th birthday. She wanted to do something special for me, and had no clue of my underlying plans. (Evil laugh as I twiddle my fingers and thumbs)
In the morning we stopped and got professional pictures taken at Sears. I told her I wanted pics because I was 30 and we didn’t have any real pictures together. In reality they were our engagement she just didn’t know it yet…

We rolled in to Niagara, got settled in our room and went for dinner. It was barley dinner time and Karen wasn’t hungry. I had to force her to go. She said something like we should chill, maybe go to the casino for a while first. Me, no way, I had been walking around all day with the ring in my pocket, nervous as hell, and just wanted to get the proposal out of the way.

So off we go to The Keg Steakhouse. It was so busy, so many people. As we were walking in I saw my favourite Q107 Classic Rock’s morning DJ, Mr. John Darringer, sitting at a table. I was a little bit star struck, but we eventually we got to meet him as he walked by our table. We talked for a bit. He asked what we were doing in Niagara Falls, so I told him “We’re in town for the Alice Cooper show”. More chit chat, then we took a picture. Awesome!!!! … Oh yeah, back to the real stuff. This all took place after I had already proposed. I was too shy to tell one of my heroes that that’s why I was in town, also too shy to tell him that I had proposed just minutes before. Yep, I’m a shmuck.

Let’s go back to the proposal. So, we ordered our food (delicious steak and lobster), had a few drinks, and then I asked Karen to read a poem that I had found, I played it super cool, I said “Check this out, I found this poem online and printed it out ‘cause I think it describes us perfectly. What do you think?” I also told her that it had been in my pocket for a while, and I forgot all about it. – The old shuck and jive. She had no clue what was coming next. I gave her the crinkled up paper and she began to read it. She said sure, that poem does sum us up pretty well. As she was reading, I put the ring box on the table and asked her to marry me. She said “yes”. Scratch that, rewind, she said “No way! Shut up!”(exactly the answer I was looking for) fanning her hands like women do, so I opened the box, she saw the ring and then she said yes. (A real gold digger) My favourite part about the night, I mean my second favourite part was due to the fact that Karen was so excited and had to phone everyone, I got to have 2 steaks and 2 lobsters. Expensive stuff, can’t let it go to waste. After that we went to the Cooper show, rocked it out, had a really awesome time, then retired back to our room, where I had 12 long-stemmed roses waiting for her…What a great and wonderful night…

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