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Waste some time

Ok readers, I’m bored and have nothing to do, so I want to try an experiment, so here we go … I will attempt to write this whole post using no periods; you will be reading and thinking that it looks like one run-on sentence with a bunch of buts, ands and sos, I believe they are called conjunctions, yep, just Googled it to make sure – Google knows everything about everything and it rocks – anyway, movin’ on, and back to the task at hand, this paragraph will go on and on, and will be very painful for you, as the reader, since you will read, hoping to find some funny antidotes about my youth, my college days, my in-laws or my outlaws, but there will be nothing , nothing, nothing, just words and commas,,,,,, just me, BigWes, rambling on and on and trying to get words out to fill the page and kill some time … (BTW, the three dots together is called an ellipse, not three periods) fun for me, as I’m hoping to break a world record for the longest phrase, and secure a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records ,so let’s keep going, and it will look like forever, and you will think that there is some substance to this post, but, in the end, there really isn’t, ha, ha … just one long sentence about nothing, and you will wish you could get the time back that you wasted reading this, but it’s gone and it’s too late, way too late, and if I were you, and thank God that I’m not, I wouldn’t have even hit the link to this one, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, so freaking crazy how many of those darn little things it takes to make a good document, blog, e-mail, etcetera, maybe I will try a book next time, yep, surely a best seller, 300 pages about nothing, with hundreds of thousands of commas, (evil laugh), and, of course, then they will make a movie about it and get some crazy, funny guy to portray me, and I’m pretty sure they would have gotten Chris Farley or John Candy, but they are dead, so I guess Seth Rogan or Kevin James or even and an orangutan would do just fine – so that, my friends, pretty much sums it up, huh, I’ve now typed over four hundred words and haven’t used the “stop,” and it still seems to make some kind of sense, even if it is about nothing, at least it does for me, but hey, I’m not sure that it’s the longest run-on sentence ever, but it’s the longest one I’ve ever written, so there ya go, I’ve wasted your time for long enough for one day, so, in closing, I’d like to say thank you for stopping buy and I will see you next time,and hopefully i will have something more exciting to say… now get back to work!

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With all these Jewish holidays approaching or finishing, it reminded me of my first trip overseas. I better write it down before I forget. I’m getting older these days. What an awesome experience, Karen and I went to Israel. I told her I didn’t have much interest in going there for years. I didn’t want to get kidnapped, or blown up on a bus, or just shot dead in the street. But I finally came around. Actually, it was luck or dumb luck, whichever you prefer. I said to Karen one day, totally out of the blue I always come up with things out of the blue. I’m very spontaneous. “If you can find a trip for $1,000, then we can go visit your homeland.” Having already checked the prices, I knew this would not be possible. They were all close to $2,000, so I was safe and in the clear. A week or two later, she phones me up all excited at what she had found. Guess … Yep, it was a trip for $1,020. 10 days in Israel. What could I say? I had given my word, so I was bound to it, and so we went. It was in May 2009.I was so nervous. The flight was 12 hours long. Was I going to fit in the seats, or how about the washrooms? And when we get there, I hope I don’t get shot or the plane doesn’t get bombed. I’m such a “Nervous Nelly.” I worry about stuff that I have no control over.

Everything went fine. The plane was massive. I even fit in the washrooms. We didn’t get bombed or shot at, not even once.
Israel was not what I expected. Looking out the window of the plane as we were flying in, I expected to see desert and sand. This is not true. There were fields of green and trees and nice roads along with the deserts and sand. Wow, wow, wow. I can’t even describe the feeling I had. I just felt like, let’s get this bird out of the sky so I can actually see this land.

We walked out of the airport. And the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny. (just like the rest of the days that we were there) Karen’s relatives picked us up. We stayed with them for the 10 days, which was awesome ‘cause we saved so much money and I’m el cheapo when it comes to vacations.

It was crazy … Karen had booked so many tours and excursions. She had something booked for almost every day that we were there. She really wanted me to see all of Israel. (10 days just isn’t enough) Plus, we took a few days to visit and stay with Sabba (Karen’s grandpa).

On our first full day, we went to the stalagmites and stalactite cave near Bet Shemesh. Of course, you know the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. This occurs in limestone caves. The stalactite is above and hangs down like an icicle, the stalagmite is below and sticks up. They grow in pairs, over time water dissolves some of the limestone, carrying it downward. When the water evaporates, the limestone is left looking like a twisted icicle made of stone. Some of the water does not evaporate until it has fallen through the air, and landed on the floor, the remaining limestone building the stalagmite. Often, the stalactite and stalagmite will connect, and become a column of twisted rock. Amaaaazing!!!!!

Next it was off to Tel-Aviv, my most favourist place in the entire State of Israel. I could definitely do some soul-searching there for a month or two, just sit on the beach, drink beer, look at the scenery. What a great city. Right on the shoreline of the Mediterranean. Awesome. We walked the strip along the beach almost all the way to the other city and then took a hop-on-hop-off tour of the whole city. I love it and the women there. Wow! The quality of women in Tel-Aviv is top-notch. Imagine going to the clubs in Toronto on the weekends. The women all done-up. Well, now imagine that plus guns. Ouch! Hot women with guns. Tzzzzzzz. Although nothing can compare to my wife, the girls from Tel-Aviv are a close second. If money wasn’t an issue, I would surely move there.

The organized tours began with a trip to the north – Nazareth, Tiberias, Capharnaum (J.C.’s town) and the Jordon River. This was marvellous. So much from the Bible. I’m not a holy man, but you feel holy in places like that. How could you not? The birthplace of Mary, the church where her and Joseph were married, the church of the multiplication of fishes and loaves, the town of Jesus, the Sea of Galilee and where J.C. got baptised. Such religious history. I even got to walk into the Jordan River and baptise my feet. How freakin’ cool is that? How many of you have done that? (That’s a rhetorical question. I don’t actually expect an answer. Ha, ha.) Good thing I got to go into some water. It was so hot. Israel was having a chahmsin (not really any English word to describe that. – Dry and hot as hell, but to the extreme), and we went wondering around in the desert. Smart, eh?

The next day it was off to the western coastline – Caesarea, Acre, Rosh Hanikra and Haifa. What a day. Ceasaria – the Roman ruins, that was a site to see. The town was named after Julius Caesar. All the stones had been shipped in by the Romans. Pretty neat … a bit of Rome in Israel. But let me tell ya, Rosh Hanikra was spectacular. An underground grotto. I was in awe, I had never seen anything like this before. So beautiful, underground rocks with the blue, blue water crashing up against them. I have no words to describe this, only wow and double wow.

We finished of the tour in Hiafa, the birthplace of Gene Simmons (KISS). (thought you needed to know that) This was awesome. The tour took us to the Baha’i Shrine and Gardens. We got to walk into the top 2 tiers of it. This is the most breathtaking garden you can ever imagine. All the colours are so bright and vibrant. I would consider converting to the Baha’i faith just so I could move to this garden. Baha’i believe in the unity of all cultures and religions and that messengers of God, like Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, have been sent at different times in history to bring us the same message, but in ways that fit our changing social needs. Hey this doesn’t sound half bad, where do I sign up?

Jerusalem –The holiest of holy. We took the walking tour, saw many churches, synagogues and mosques. It looked to me like everyone is getting along, going about their day. Although Karen was a little nervous in the Arab quarters, me, I just found them a little bit pushy trying to sell me stuff, all knock offs of real things. Anyway,we had a great falafel lunch in the Arab part of town. Then, it was off to the Wailing/Western Wall (this is where all the Jews pray). Really close to the Dome of the rock, where the Arabs pray. We also walked the path of Jesus (Via Dolorosa) and came to a church (Church of the Holy Sepulcher).
It’s a Greek orthodox church now, but inside was breathtaking. Murals on the walls and beautiful stone work. Immediately inside the church lies a reddish slab of stone with a row of oil lamps hanging above it. The Stone of the Unction (Anointing), where Jesus’ body was laid after being removed from the crucifix and prepared for burial. Again, all I got is WOW! I also got to go inside the Tomb where he was laid to rest. My pops was so proud that one of his sons (that’s me) was actually visiting the holy land, was getting to walk in the footsteps of his lord. So I took many pictures for him. Unfortunately, he passed away before he got to see them. I brought him back some rock from Jerusalem, water from the Jordan River and oil from Galilee. I put it in with him when he was buried.I know he would have wanted and cherished them. Plus it gives something for him to barter with God for a higher ranking position in heaven… ( If there is such a place)

After all those organized tours, it’s off to Bat Yam. The majority of people are Russian Jews. All you heard was Russian or Hebrew being spoken. On the streets, if I’d bump into someone, I didn’t know what to say, “Sorry,” “Eesvanitsy,” or “Slee-cha” (hack spelling job at other languages, again, meaning sorry or excuse me). Bat Yam was a nice city. Like Tel-Aviv, it overlooks the beach, but it’s older and a little more run-down in parts. Oh, and the women, they ain’t got nothing on the Tel-Aviv gals. But then again, in my opinion, who does?

Grandpa, who lives in Bat Yam, thought it would be nice if we visited Eilat (the most southern tip of Israel). It was a gift trip from him, he wanted to pay all expenses. He insisted – Eilat is a must-see for the first-time Israel tourist. What a great man, a true mench. Eliat was spectacular. We had a 5-star hotel overlooking the Red Sea (actually an inlet from the sea known as the Gulf of Eilat), looking into Jordan. We went to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park. We saw, gigantic tortoises, sharks being fed and many exotic fishes of all shapes, sizes and colours. (Prime example on your left.) We even got to go on a submarine tour.

For our last couple of days, we toured around with family, they took us to Alenby Street (a street from my favourite Israeli movie, The Big Dig), and the West Bank border. I wanted to go to Gaza, but couldn’t find anyone who was willing to take me.

We didn’t get a chance to see the famous Dead Sea. There‘s only so much you can cram into 10 days, and I had to leave something for our next visit. Yep, Dead Sea and then Gaza. I can’t wait.(Israel 2009) For more pictures.

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Concert Review

You wanted the best… Well, we had it! September 10, 2010 What a show! There was fire, blood and explosions. No people, I’m not talking about the Ringling Bros. I’m talking about the hottest band in the world – KISS.

I’ve seen KISS in concert 7 times now and what can I say, I love it each and every time. This was my first time seeing them play outside (Molson Amphitheatre. Toronto, Ontario). AWWWWWWWW_SOME!!!

There were some relatively unknown bands opening, well unknown to me anyway, and that’s all that matters: “The Envy” and “The Academy Is”. They rocked it out and gave an excellent effort in trying to pump up the crowd. However, it’s got to be tough when most of the peeps, including me, could give a rat’s ass who you are or what you’re singing, and just want the main show to start.

KISS came on at 9 p.m. and rocked the lakeshore until almost 11:30 p.m. Not too shabby for a bunch a seniors, ha, ha. No, they still got it! Paul Stanley’s (Starchild) voice was a wee bit rough. Ah, what am I saying? On some songs, it was excruciatingly painful for the crowd. I actually felt bad for him at times. And other times, he would just nail the notes. I’m not sure if he was sick or just getting old. I will give him a pass ‘cause he is still sexy as hell. (lol) There were lots of Gene Simmons’ (The Demon) songs, as well. And he still knows how to rock. Definitely nothing wrong with his voice. WOW! WOW! WOW!

Being at a KISS show is something in between going to church and a circus. Let me explain: it’s a religious feeling, the command that the band has over the fans is similar to a conductor and an orchestra or a priest and his congregation. “Everybody stand up, put your hands up and sing.” “Now, when I throw my hand in the air, everyone say ‘rock and roll!’” … “ROCK AND ROLL!” (I’m yelling that. That is why it’s in capitals.) Now the circus part: there are people wearing makeup and lots of it (not clowns. Ha,ha.), there is plenty of dancing, flying, spitting blood and breathing fire, and the performers put on a show that you can’t take your eyes off of. It’s a psycho circus or church on crack. “God gave rock and roll to you, Gave rock and roll to you, put it in the soul of everyone.” – KISS

I think my favourite show was in Casino Rama, a very intimate show, maybe 5,000, no opener, just KISS for 2 hours. That being said, an outside show is a very close second. Almost nothing better than watching Gene or Paul fly into the night sky, and the fireworks, you get the full effect. I can’t find the words to express myself. Fanfuckingtastic is all I got. See, if I put it all together like that it’s not a cuss word anymore. Hee, hee hee.

One of my personal highlights was when Mr. Stanley was talking with the crowd about Canada and said “When we landed, the guys said hey let’s go to Starbucks,” then he said, “here is what I got for Starbucks” and he gave the finger. A big F you. “When you’re in Toronto, Canada, you need to go to Second Cup or Tim Hortons.” See, Paul is a wise man.

The Gents played everything I expected to hear, plus a few treats that I had never seen live before. Crazy, Crazy Nights from the album Crazy Nights in the mid-80s. Wicked! Or Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums) playing back and forth for their combined solos. In fact, as a guitar player, Tommy may actually be better than Ace Frehley. Oops, did I say that out loud? Sacrilege. They even played some of their new stuff from the newest album, Sonic Boom, available exclusively at Wal-Mart. Check it out. Sponsor plug, nice, eh.

And the encore, Holy F’n crap! What an encore! They played six songs, starting with a stripped down version of Beth with the guitar, sang by Eric Singer. That was awesome! So many lighters swaying back and forth. Even if the show was total crap, which it could never be, it would have been worth it all just to see that. I’m at a loss for words (unusual for me). Let me see if I can make one up … how about greatariffic?

KISS rocked the hell out of Molson Amp. and the lakeshore.

Modern Day Delilah
Cold Gin
Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
Say Yeah
Crazy Crazy Nights
Calling Dr. Love
Shock Me
I’m An Animal
100,000 Years
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City


Lick It Up
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin’ You
God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You
Rock And Roll All Night

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My passion for music ♫♪♫

I love music, all sorts of it – classical, country, blues, jazz and rock. I watch shows like American Idol and get really annoyed and yell and curse at the TV sometimes at the way the contestants are butchering the songs. Sometimes it’s a better version than the original, but way too often it’s a hack job. Or sometimes a song comes on the radio and I just can’t listen, I need to change it away in anger. Yeah, I gots issues. The same goes for songs that I like. I like them ear piercingly loud. They make me smile and I try to sing with my horrible monotone voice. Once again, I love music, well most of it anyway.

I’m not a big fan of R&B and sometime that dance/techno stuff gets on my nerves. I just want to scream and pull my hair out. I need rock, it’s the fuel that keeps me going. Although I’m sure there are at least one or two R& B or dance songs that I like or can tolerate. Hmmmm … can’t think of any. Maybe something by that hot, and crazy Britney chick, or Beyonce (you know that “if you like it, put ring on it. Oh ,oh, oh”. etc… Come on, you know that one.)
My favourite genre is rock. I love it, love it, love it. So many variations of rock – heavy metal, hair (late 80s/90s hard rock), classic rock, and even pop. I think my favourite would be heavy metal, although it’s borderline on hair now. I’m old school. I love Quit Riot, Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden and Poison. And then there is straight heavy metal or hard rock as some call it. Metallica, Guns & Roses, Megadeath, Black Sabbath and let’s not forget AC/DC. The hard banging of drums, the strong bass line and the raunchy guitar, well that’s enough to make a man cum in his pants. Pardon the phrasing, it just fits with the whole rock music theme. In fact, let’s call it WROCK from now on.

“I pray to the gods of sex and drums and rock and roll.” – Meatloaf

Then we have classic rock (a lot of the hair bands have crossed over into it, having been from the 80s). This genre is ever-changing. How could you not like it? It’s a fit for everyone from 20 to 60 years old. I listen to a classic rock radio station for hours at a time during the day. It helps the day move along faster. They play most of the bands that I have mentioned and other greats such as Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Beatles, Bob Segar and The Doors. Wow, such great and wholesome music. Oh, I almost forgot Rush, Bob Dylan and Jopplin. I hope I didn’t offend you by leaving your favourites out. Unintentional, I can assure you, I probably like them, too. This is the tip of the iceberg. The list of bands and singers could go on and on for days. It’s just a few of my favs, the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I get happy and want to jump up and down banging my head in the air (head-banging) when I hear a good song with crazy guitars (Free Bird as an example). I always air guitar and head-bang to this and look foolish, especially when I’m driving.

Karen and I have been to so many concerts, mostly rock, and we enjoyed them all, Motley Crue, Nickleback, Green Day, Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West and the legendary Rod Steward, just to name a few. Wow, I’m a name dropper in this post. Let’s explore this (Name dropping – it is often used to create a sense of superiority by raising one’s status. By implying a connection to people of high status, the name-dropper hopes to raise his or her own social status to a level closer to that of those whose names he or she has dropped.) I forgot … we also saw the Tea Party, AC/DC, the Stones and Alice Cooper. Wow, we have been to a lot of shows. I’m sure there’s more, but I’ve name-dropped enough for one day … Yah, I’ m all that … and more.

I grew up with bluegrass, gospel and country, and still have respect for it. The stand-up bass, steel guitar, fiddle and banjo. Let’s take a sec to give props to the late Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley for some of the greatest gospel singing that ever was. A tip of the protective head gear to two of the greats. “The man in black” and “the King” And let’s not forget Irish music. There’s nothing like going to my favourite pub. It just happens to be in Charlottetown, P.E.I. (The Old Dublin Pub) and partying the night away with some good old Newfie/Irish music. Excellent stuff to dance a little jig to or just sit and have some brews.

And last, but surely not least … I’ve got all their whole music collection on cassette tapes as well as on CDs. I’ve got a whole cabinet full of collectibles, magazines, action figures, posters, games lighters and t-shirts. I have been listening to this band since grade 4. In my opinion (and that’s all that counts. It’s my blog), they are the best band in the world. I’ve seen them 6 times in concert (so far) and you can add one more time to that, as I will be seeing them tomorrow night for the 7th. F#@kin ah!! awesome. I would see them again and again no matter what the price. Karen and I even danced our first dance to them at our wedding. They have been playing awe-inspiring music and concerts for over 35 years.

Ladies and gentleman, you wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world…

I love their loud and heavy music as well as their many rock ballads. Nothing can compare to a great love ballad … amazing. – Beth ,Every time I look at you or Forever (our wedding song), KISS have a somewhat of a soft spot after all. (I know you’re searching for these songs as you read, as you should.) It’s not all heavy dark devil music. It’s not Knights In Satan’s Service, it’s just KISS, a band that plays excellent rock music. I love it all. Everything from Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night (a rock staple that should be in everyone’s music repertoire) to Love Gun and I Was Made for Loving You. In true rock and roll fashion, KISS sing about women and partying, such lyrics as “I look at you and my blood boils hot. I feel my temperature rise. I want it all, give me what you got. It’s hunger in your eyes.” Or my other favourite, “. No place for hiding baby. No place to run. You pull the trigger of my love gun.” Wow! Lyrical genius, God-dang genius. (Yah, I said dang. You know, dang and darn. Used by those people that are going to end up in heck.– a Wes fact.) I know most of the songs off by heart and I love it loud. If it’s too loud, you are too old. KISS music always makes me happy and I just want to rock out with my cock out …. rock on. And the concerts. What can I say? Rocktastic, extra-rockin-ordinary, they will go down in the KISStory books as the best shows ever seen. The costumes, makeup, the flying, fire-blowing, blood-spitting, explosions, lights and moving stage parts. Not only are KISS awesome at singing, they put on a live show like no other. The Demon, Starchild, Space Ace and the Cat. Best combination ever put together on the “face” of the music world.

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Holy Shmoly!

Uh-oh not another religious blog. I will try and keep it light this time. Ha! Karen and I aren’t very religious. In fact, I didn’t see many differences between my religion and hers. Well except the main one. No Jesus or that he was just a carpenter and not the messiah , blah, blah, blah. I guess that’s a big difference. But I’ll leave that for another time lol. Wiser people than I, have had that discussion, to no avail…

The Jews have so many holidays. I’m sure I couldn’t even list them all. We (my family) only celebrate Christmas and Easter, but Karen’s family have something to celebrate all year long. I know September/October have a few major ones. Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. It’s a holy day every other day. Holy moly. Rosh Hashannah is the Jewish new year. (It’s.2010 for us but the Jews use the lunar calendar. For them Its year 5770, blows your mind, no?) It’s a good holiday, you have a huge feast. Lots of sweet stuff and lots of round stuff – apples, round challa bread, honey and lots of other delicious foods. The round and sweet stuff are to represent the wish of having a well-rounded, sweet year. L’chiam (to life). Now, Yom Kippur I only participate in half of that celebration … the good part (the feast). This Jewish holiday is a week after their new year. It’s the day of atonement. Jews ask for forgiveness for all that they have done wrong in the past year and then fast for 26 hours. Crazy. Not eating or drinking. No watching TV, turning on the lights, flushing the toilets or even brushing your teeth (gross). You should pray all day and not think about your looks or your amenities. We generally play games or do a puzzle, hoping that the time will pass faster. You finish this holy-day with a big meal after the fast. It’s always great because those who fasted get full really quickly, so there’s more for me. (lol) Sukkot … not too sure what that one’s all about. We (my Jewish family) don’t really do this one. Something to do with living in a shack called a sukkah. Let me look it up …
The holiday commemorates the forty-year period during which the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, living in temporary shelters. (Strange, I thought they were wondering looking for a lost penny, silly me) Sukkot is also a harvest festival. (Kind of like Thanksgiving. Ya, let’s go with that. Like thanksgiving, except you live in a shack and it lasts for seven days.) Hmmm Thanksgiving equals turkey, but as far as building and living in a shack. I don’t think so. Although, we do have a house with a backyard, so maybe I can build one for next year. I’ll get on that.

And this brings us to Chanukah. My favourite. The festival of light. This holiday is based on oil. So most everything that you eat was prepared in oil. I‘m having heart palpitations just thinking about it. Latkes (potato pancakes), souvegonniuts (the most awesomest jelly-filled donut in the world, and you can only get them during Chanukah). What a great holiday. It is 8 crazy nights of lighting candles singing songs and eating delicious foods. If you are a kid, you also get “Chanukah gelt” (money).

And finally, Passover. This holiday is the most religious one that we celebrate (in my opinion). We always have the seder (the celebratory meal, which includes performing various rituals, like killing a sheep,building an altar and sacrificing the first born…. Ha I had ya going though didn’t I? It does however include reading, washing, eating representative foods, and praying) I’m not so big on the praying part but hey, whattiya gonna do? During the seder, we read the Haggadah (the story of Passover) in Hebrew (I need to follow along in English. My skills are not that advanced yet.). The reading takes a few hours, but you get to eat in between [bitter herbs and matzah (unleavened bread)] and drink 4 glasses of wine. (Yep, that’s the good part.) You read, have a huge feast in the middle, and then read again. We don’t always get to the second part due to the fact that we have the “itis.” (a naturally occurring drowsy feeling that is created when a person eats large amounts of food, their eyes get bloodshot and start glazing over … this feeling is usually fallowed by a nap) So in reality, it is a good night. Passover continues for a week, no food with yeast or grains allowed.

There are a few holidays that I didn’t mention, like Purim and Shavuot, because I have no idea what they are or have never even heard of them (yet). I sometimes think my in-laws just make up words that sound like they could be holidays just to mess with me.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the Jewish holidays are all based on holy stuff, miracles and such, but the traditions and celebrations are all based around food and wine. Even on our Friday night dinners (Shabbat), “we must to bless the wine and bread” (challa). Such a remarkable religion. God created food and wine, therefore let us eat, and drink. …

In Judaism, the foods served on holidays are all part of the tradition, and that stems from whichever part of the world you hail from. Karen’s family are from Russia (they’re Ashkenazi), so there’s a lot of potatoes and meat. Those from Spain (Sephardic) and Morocco (Morocaim), and other places serve other foods, like rice and spicier foods. So now, let me tell you about some of the strange and delicious foods that we eat on these holidays. I’m gonna jumble it together in no particular order. Let’s start with Russian potato salad, not sure what’s in it, but it is freekin’ grand … potatoes, pickles and sometimes carrots, I think. Mmmmm. Pitchonka (chopped liver). Tzimes – sugared carrots cooked with brisket. Flomen tzimes – sweetened prunes cooked with roast beef. Kishka – dressing/stuffing that gets eaten before you realize it’s on the table. Haroset – sweet paste made for Passover from apples, cinnamon, wine (of course) and other goodies. Passover fruit crumble (made with matzah meal … and it’s actually really good.). Matzah ball soup (too yummy to eat only during Passover). Israeli pickles, falafel, and hummus with schroog. My, my I’m hungry now.
Some of the things that I don’t like are kefir. (It’s like thick sour milk that the Russians think is a magical cure for anything. They will drink it, bathe in it, and put it on burns or sprains to reduce swelling. They are crazy.) Movin’ on, there is also seelyodka (pickled herring). Actually, I don’t like pickled anything, only pickles.I will however eat the herring after a few vodkas. But the worst of the worst is chaladetz. My God, it’s creepy and gross – jellied minced meat fat, and sometimes there is a hard-boiled egg floating in the middle of it. It looks like a jello mold, except it doesn’t have that attractive colour and it doesn’t taste all that great. (well, to me.) I know some people our age who really like it. Thought it would die with the older generation. No such luck. You usually eat it with horseradish and lots of vodka (probably to kill the taste, or your tastebuds).

Most of the Jewish holy days are close to the goy’s (gentile’s) holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter all take place around the same time as Sukkot, Chanukah and Passover, respectively. Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur don’t really jive, but hey, it can’t all be the same. Ha, ha. It’s good that the major ones are close together because we usually have time off, which is generally needed to recuperate after eating such good food in such large quantities. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. I think they, whoever they are, are right.

As Rosh Hashannah and these Holidays approach, I wish you all Shanah Tovah and Chag Sameach.

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