Ode to Grandparents

09 Dec

Growing up…. and there we go again, right back to young Wesley. Growing up I spent a lot of time hanging out with my Dad’s parents. I think my folks would just leave me there. Yep this is what grandparents are for don’t ya know? I don’t really remember too much about my Grandpa, except that he was good to me Imagine this … Gramps bouncing me up and down on his leg. Horsey rides. (I was a heck of a lot smaller back then). There was something wrong with his lungs I remember and he had an oxygen machine that he used every day. So bouncing me up and down must have taken a lot out of him as it would any man. I also remember him saying “For Jesus’ sake, if he wants it give it to him, let him have it.”, whatever it was. Usually food or the pots and pans to bang and clang together or how about cruising around with him in his Green Ford Torino. (I may be wrong about the car type ‘cause I was a only youngin’. I should check my facts before this goes to print. Ha, ha.) Trips to town or grocery store, he was never in a rush and never drove fast unless, it was to catch the liquor store. Hee,hee.
No, I can’t remember ever going to the in-and-out store with him, but I must have at least once or twice. Huh….

I do remember the car he had after that.(What can I say? I like cars and drives in said cars. I’m like a puppy. Can we go for a drive huh, huh, can we?) How could I forget his next car it was a Lada.– pea green.(He must of had a thing for green cars) Well, we are all in titled to a mistake or two in our lifetime. Who buys a Lada? Apparently my Grampy Doucette (lol).My aunt ended up with that car and drove it ‘till it fell apart. Turned out to be a not such a bad car. I was only 9 when He passed away so I’m sorry to say I don’t have a whole lot of memories, but the ones I do have are of happy times. As I look back I think this was the first wake that I ever attended, and I remember thinking “Geesh, I hope this is my last.”

Now onto my Grandmother (Nan), my Dad’s mother. Her and I were so close. I was the oldest. Eat your hearts out cousins, I was also her favourite. Ha, ha. Growing up and chilaxin’ with Nan was awesome. (I got spoiled). We would always be playing some kind of board games. Don’t Tip the Waiter, Monopoly, and so many more. Now keep in mind that these games were in mint condition before I got a hold of them. I would wake up and wait for my aunt “L” to go to school, than I would sneak into her room and get one of her games for us to play. I don’t remember breaking or loosing pieces (I was a kid, aunty “L”. Forgive and forget. Lol.), but it must have happened ‘cause she reminds me about it, to this day (over 25 years later).She tells me all about pay back. Hee,hee, I think she is still a wee bit bitter. “L” hid the games in the closet or under the bed, but if I couldn’t find them, Nan always could. Man, I was a brat. It’s kind of funny… the mad dash to put the games away as my aunts bus would pull into the drive. Yep, good times.
I would visit and stay overnight with Nan for years, right up until my late teens. She’d always ask “Are you gonna come in for a night, or two?” than we’d hang together cooking homemade Pizza and watching TV. She called it Pee-za. I always thought that was funny. PEI, a much simpler place and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Nan came to visit me in Ontario 2 or 3 times and that was great. We took her to Niagara Falls (Maid of the Mist), had her on the T.T.C. (Toronto Transit), Medieval Times (dinner and tournament) and the CN Tower (she said that she had never been up). Her and I went to the top of the tower and we left Karen and my mom on the ground. When we got back down, Nan says to Karen and mom, “ So you guys took the stairs up, did you? And you even beat us down.”We just laughed.

It was really tough for me to see her getting old. Every year that I would go back to P.E.I for a visit, she just looked older and older. This past Christmas was the first without her, and that stung a bit, it actually stung alot. I loved her and I miss her, but I still remember all the good times and laughs we shared, some even at her expense.

My Mom’s parents – I was never really as close to them, as I was to Dad’s. I regret this, but you can’t go back in time.(not even sure it’s something I could fix) I do however remember New Years day dinners at their place. We’d all get dressed up in “The Granny Christmas Sweaters” and head off to their home. We would eat crazy amounts of food (the good stuff) ham, turkey, roast beast and the list goes on and on. We’d have a huge meal (Gran is an awesome cook) and then it was on to the cards (auction) now that was something, getting to play cards with the adults. It made me feel all growed up (lol). This was the one time that that side of the family was all together. No arguments everyone getting along, well, for the most part, the game of auction is a pretty serious game and only for the hard core card players Ha!.
Grampy #2 (Mom’s dad) loves horses. Every winter, Xmas eve he would hitch the old mare and take us for a sleigh ride. Sittin’ on a bale of straw and covering up with the old buffalo blanket to stay warm and singing songs as dashed through the snow, this was always fun as a child and even as a young adult, especially when he’d give me the reins. (Giddy- up)

Karen and I always visit when we are home and I do enjoy it. We generally talk about horses or farming or family tree stuff, but it’s great. I’ve grown closer to that set of Grandparents since I’ve been away and for that I am truly thankful. They love Karen (as we all do. What’s not to love?) and the time we spend visiting with them, even if it is only for a short time and once a year.

… And in closing, let me just say that you should always appreciate grandparents, and never take them for granted. In an ideal world, they would stay with us throughout our whole lifetime (anything shorter just doesn’t cut it). And where would we be without grandparents? They’re the ones that helped shape us into what we are today … spoiled brats.

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