The great egg nog search of 2010

26 Dec

Mmmmmmmmm yummy tasty egg nog. How can you go wrong some milk, nut meg, eggs and some rum. Mmmm mmm good… 10 pm, Christmas night ,on PEI. Good luck buying or finding your favourite xmas bevy at this “late ” hour. Ten is late on PE Island. So as thirsty as me and Matt were, we decided to pass up the pop,water and juice and go for a drive to find us some EGG NOG yes I yelled that.first store closed,second one sold out,third sold out, and fourth sold out. I mean what the hell? Was there some kind of run on PEI egg nog. Maybe everyone else had the same anchoring for the nice cold refreshing drink. so off we go vigorously searching around town for a strore that is open and a place that is not sold out. finely after about an hour we found a store that not only was open but had what we needed. God bless Irving service station. and god bless us all. Ha ha ha. My brother and I bought the last two litres of egg nog in Charlottetown. We even picked up a chocolate milk for good measure. Sorry about for your luck if you were also lookin. Now if you read between the lines and I know it might be tough ’cause my writing is pretty deep. You will see that it’s not only about the egg nog. It’s really about spending time with my brother. Bonding about nothing and everything and just being silly. Cheers, Happy Holidays everyone…
No it realy was about the egg nog lol.

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