An observation, you will agree with.

06 Jan

Grocery shopping – My biggest pet peeve. In fact, it goes deeper than that, I detest it, no I hate it, no I loathe it, the very thought of it. So here is my observation. It’s a very simple process of loading and unloading. Those of you that know me will already be familiar with this particular observation, but here it is just the same.

First you load yourself and your reusable bags in the car (plastic bad), then you drive to the store where you unload yourself and the bags and load them into a cart … are you following so far? Here’s where it gets tricky. No, not really … you unload merchandise (groceries, etc.) off the shelves and into the cart. What comes next? Yep, you guessed it, you unload your cart at the cash (the check out). Next you proceed to load and unload the cart once again, (full bags back in the cart and full bags out of cart into car). See, it’s a vicious cycle. When you get home with a car load of groceries and an empty bank account (you unloaded some or most of your moneys), you need to unload the car Then unload the bags to put the items away (loading the fridge and cupboards). But wait, it doesn’t stop there, oh no, it keeps going. Later you unload your cupboard into a pan to cook and eat. You put it on a plate (unload from the pan load unto the plate) … I’m not high or drunk, it’s just my observation … and it keeps going on. Let’s see what comes next. Yes, you unload the plates (eating) into your belly. Mmmmm, good stuff. After you’re finished, you continue the process by removing (unloading) the condiments and loading the fridge, and you also need to load the dishwasher, which is followed by the unloading of said dishwasher at a later date. Then comes my favourite part. After you’ve done all this, your body does a little thing knows as digestion. You’ve loaded the body with delicious foods and drink and now it’s the body’s turn to unload (or drop a load if you prefer).The last step is great, but can we improve it? I think so, now bear in mind that this is only a thought and my opinion (which I’m sure you will share after I explain). What if we were to do the unloading of the plate and the body at the same time? Something to think about. No? So you would sit on the toilet at the same time as you eat your meals, doing both at the same time. Wow! What a huge time saver. Imagine all the free time you would have, by applying this to your daily routines. I’m cutting-edge people, cutting-edge let me tell ya. Way ahead of my time. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. In with new and out with the old. Get it? You take new food in and you let the old food go out. Hence loading and unloading the body at the same time. Just a thought or maybe I have way too much time on my hands….

It not just groceries shopping that cranks my gears it’s shopping in general. Wait a minute I actually love to shop. The problem is (I don’t think it’s a problem but the wife does) I’m an impulse shopper. We will just be walking around and I will decide to by a TV or an expensive camera or a car. Anything goes. We needed a car so we went out for a drive one day and boom popped into a dealership (the first one we drove buy) and in a half hour I (we) had purchased a car. We’re kind of in the market again for another vehicle, but I try to keep that thought out of my head for now, the funds are a wee bit low. Karen is the opposite of me (female).

She likes to research and research. It’s a wonder she buys anything, always looking for the best price and comparing this to that. If it’s something we need, hell, if it’s even something we want, I just pick it up and go. I’m, however, reluctantly changing for the better Karen would say (but I dunno). I now weigh it out … Hmmm, do we need it or do we just want it? How much is it? Can we afford it? I think she is wearing off on me. A prime example of this is when be bought our house. We had been looking for maybe only a month or so. Karen did a lot of research for this, so off we went to see the houses. I think there were 10. We saw them all in one night and we both liked the 10th one. We came to see it the next day (wanted to see it in daylight) and made an offer right away. If Karen wasn’t with me, I’d probably have made an offer on the first house right then and there, just to get the shopping experience over with. Karen is often scared about big purchases, and stresses to the max (me not so much. I’m a cool cucumber) She starts with the what ifs. “What if this or what if that? What if we? etc. But, here we are, going on three years, living in this house and we love it, with the car that we also enjoy parked in the garage. So I guess it’s OK to be an impulse shopper sometimes, and it’s OK to do the research sometimes, too.

It’s a good thing opposites really do attract other wise I would be broke all the time. On the other hand I would have lots of cool stuff. Hmmmmmm….

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