28 Jan

To be a father ,a dad, a papa, un pere, or an abba. Wow, this will be something new, this will be nuts. I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Will I be a good parent? Only time will tell.
The role of a father … for fun, I thought I would check with my pal Google, and this is what it said: An entry from the Bible- Ephesians 6:4- Imagine that.

By God’s standards, anyone who is a father should first be a husband (Hello, welcome to 2011). Otherwise, souls are guilty of the sin of fornication (ah yes, fornication= FUN) Therefore, being a responsible father first you need to be a good husband. (I got that. Wifie may tell you otherwise, but she will be lying.)One must love, honour, nourish and cherish his wife in every aspect of her life. (Yep.) Only then will one be prepared to be a good father.

Tells me squat. What can I do? I can’t give birth, got no “va JJ” and other such parts. Can’t give milk. Got no “bazankas.” I mean, I got man boobs, and they are quite wonderful but I don’t think they will do. In reality, all I can give is love. “All you need is love, love… love is all you need” – The Beatles. I only wish that is all you need, cause I have lots of that, I’m bustin at the seams, but there’s food and diapers and clothing and sleep. I’t enough to drive a man crazy with anxiety. (long deep breath) However, according to the “Bee eye bee ell eeeh”, I’m in good shape. Oy gevalt!

We got pictures from the ultrasound, and my gawd, I think we are having an alien child. Kind of spooky.BOO! The picture has the baby looking at us, but all you can see is the skull, with the holes for the eyes. Take a look for yourself. The doctor advised Karen not to watch the alien movies

The first time I felt baby kick was crazy awesome, and wee bit heeby- jeebyish, I thought it may have just been Karen’s gas, ha, ha. She says it kicks her hard, but when I come to feel, it stops. I guess it already knows who the boss is, and knows when to behave. They say (whoever the hell they are) you should play games with it. Poke or push on the belly and see if it pushes or kicks back(sounds like weeks and weeks of torment for baby?). How the heck do they know it’s a kick anyway? Could be a punch or a knee or even a head bunt to mom’s guts. Who’s to say? Now he kicks or punches etc… quite hard. Mind blowing but still creepy. No way it’s gas. Definitely something living in there. We have ourselves a future football or soccer player.

As most of you already know, IT’S A BOY. If you didn’t know,I apologies for not telling you. It was top secret at first but I let it slip. So now the cat is out of the bag. Not that it really matters, as long as it’s healthy and has a penis. No, that’s a joke. It’s all good, as long as he or she is healthy. With a daughter, that would be a girl, I would have no clue what to do. You can’t play cars or GI Joe with a little girl. A son, that would be a boy, will be vonderbar. Someone to emulate me. Mini me … but then Karen will be a bit lost, but she catches on fast. One thing I’m sure of is that the learning curve will be pretty steep. Am I alone in this thinking or do all new parents feel this at first or does instinct takes over?
All I have to do now is wait… Oh its freek out time now, with only 4 weeks or so more to go. Wow 4 week and voila a baby

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