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Abba part deux

Baby came way early. Holy moly. Almost a month. Even though he was early, he still took a long time to come out. So finally, after 18.5 hours of labour, out popped his head (with a little help from Karen, of course). Just in case you were wondering I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever, After that, I got the privilege of cutting the cord. Now this was kind of scary, but the nurses guided me through it. What a strange and wonderful sensation I had. There are no words that describe my feelings (can’t even make one up as I have done in the past). I felt that I was on a high that I’m sure no drug could ever give. Felt like I was floating on a cloud. Is this really real, I kept thinking. After they cleaned him up, I got to hold him. Boy, let me tell ya, I had to fight back the tears. I may have let some slip, as Karen pointed out, “You’re crying!” “I am not,” I said. “Na, just dust, or maybe a little mist .” The doctor’s aid said that that’s ok because he was a bit misty-eyed himself. Remember people, it takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at him. I think Benjamin and I have a real connection, or maybe he just thinks I am the mommy ‘cause sometimes, more often than not, I’m the only one that can comfort him and make him quiet, and I’m fine with that. Really, really fine.

As I’ve said before, I was pretty unsure of how to be a good father. I think I’m figuring it out. It’s easy, for now. All you have to do is feed him, burp him, and change him. Oh, and spoil the hell out of him. Other than that, It’s pretty straight forward … well, once you figure out why he is fussing. The hardest part right now is waking him up to force feed him in the night. He is kicking the Jaundice (yellow baby. Am I the dad or some Chinese guy?…. Hmmmm), so this is a must. Everything is getting better day by day, but holy crap, he is sour when you wake him. (Kills me to see him so freaked out.) But hey, who wouldn’t be sour, being stripped down in the middle of the night (baby likes skin-to-skin) and torn away from your pleasant dreams and warm bed, all to be pressed up against mom, a nipple forced in your mouth, and made to suck. (He may not like that now, but when he’s 18, watch out. Of course, this will not be with his mommy. Did I really need to clarify that?) But soon this will end and we will let him wake us up and I’m sure he will be way happier. Fingers crossed…

Let me tell ya one thing that I have learned, Benjamin, or “Sir Poops-a-lot” as I have nicknamed him, is a real pooping machine. Seems like all he does is pee and poop. My gawd, he pees on everything, including mommy and daddy (that’s me and Karen). Keeps us busy changing diapers. You change one, then he poops in another right away. And if you leave his willy out too long, watch out, fire hose. Ha ha. Boys will be boys. Oh and let me just venture away for a sec on a tangent. What is the deal with doctors? They spend 7 years in university for their degree, and then when they speak to you they say “pee pee” and “poo poo.” “So how many pee pee and poo poo did Ben have today?” Is this the correct vernacular?

Anyway, all the spit up, pee and poop are soon forgotten when he looks at you and gives you a smile. My god, my heart just melts. He’ll be a lady killer with those looks and that smile. But that’s not for a while, and hay there is no real ruch. I am looking forward to growing up along with Benjamin and learning with him. Oooohhhh! Change time. Got to run.

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