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Catching Up

Hello friends. It’s been a while. Where has the time gone? Hmmm … I ponder with my finger and thumb to my chin. At one time this blog was all about me. Yes, it was. All coming up Wes. I had plenty of time on my hands and not a care in the world. Well, unless you count work, money ,bills and wifie, but hey, who’s counting?
As I’ve said, the blog used to be about me. (I started when I was laid off and had nothing to do. Idle hands and such … the devil’s playground.) Well, it still is, or is it? Ha!
From now on some of the names will be changed to protect the innocent. Once I was BigWes, Vassa or BW, now this has been changed to Pappa, Abba or Dadda. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier.
Have my party days stopped? Hells no! Slowed down a bit maybe or put on the back burner, but not stopped. Let’s call it an 18-year hiatus. Party time down, play time up. Sssssweeeet!! I get to be a kid all over again. I get to play hard and nap harder. We all love our naps.

Ima or Mommy or Mamma (formerly known as Karen) will tell you that I am immature and that’s why I get along with kids. I just happen to love all kids (in a non creepy way. Not in that “hey little girl, you want some candy … get in the mothaF’n van” way. Not that way.). Well, let me rephrase that. I love all kids for the most part, not so much the ugly ones or the bratty ones. Just shitting. No, but seriously, only the cute ones. Ha ha. I think in my infinite wisdom, that I’ve picked up over these past 35 years, that it’s cause I’m a big kid at heart. If this makes me immature, well then so be it. Pass the crayons, please. (See, I said “please”, so now I can get my cookie.)

Ten months old, this month, my little offspring is. Wow, time really does fly. Every day I get up, go to work, and all day I can’t wait to get home to hang out and play. Jeesh, it seems like yesterday that I wasn’t getting any sleep, walking around in a haze, falling asleep at every stop light on the way to work, taking naps anytime I could. Ummm … I better stop now, I’m incriminating myself. LOL. Now, I’m still sleep deprived, catching naps whenever I can, and walking around like a zombie. I’ve just got it mastered.
I keep hearing this “enjoy it while it lasts, they sure grow up fast … in a blink of an eye” (not sure from who, probably everyone who has ever had kids). Holy crap, what am I in for? He’s already a proper little heller.(Just like his Daddy) What’s he going to be later?
In the meantime, there have been so many firsts. The first time our Benji sat up, crawled, walked behind his walker, and stood up on his own. How freaking awesome? Ya, I’m a softy. So many first that we are patiently waiting for – first tooth, first word, and more. I’m sure they will come before we know it, and then it will be on to the next firsts. Is that an oxymoron “the next first”? Hmm … How can the “next first” be “first”?

It will soon be our first Christmas or Hannukah or “Christmakah”. See how I left Christ in there? When will the Jewish folk learn? Ya, I went there. Ha, ha, he, he, ha. (with a big belly laugh) (really need an action app.) The tree didn’t go up this year, cause Benji would just pull it down. But, the lights are looking ever so stylish on the front of our homestead, Hannuakah baby onesie have been bought, both Christmas and Hannuakah presents are ready to be given, and a bunch of Hannukah parties are in the works. All that’s left for me “Big-Pappa” to do is to dust of my dancing shoes and grab the mistletoe belt out of the closet. It’s party time …Classy right?

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