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Catching Up

Hello friends. It’s been a while. Where has the time gone? Hmmm … I ponder with my finger and thumb to my chin. At one time this blog was all about me. Yes, it was. All coming up Wes. I had plenty of time on my hands and not a care in the world. Well, unless you count work, money ,bills and wifie, but hey, who’s counting?
As I’ve said, the blog used to be about me. (I started when I was laid off and had nothing to do. Idle hands and such … the devil’s playground.) Well, it still is, or is it? Ha!
From now on some of the names will be changed to protect the innocent. Once I was BigWes, Vassa or BW, now this has been changed to Pappa, Abba or Dadda. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier.
Have my party days stopped? Hells no! Slowed down a bit maybe or put on the back burner, but not stopped. Let’s call it an 18-year hiatus. Party time down, play time up. Sssssweeeet!! I get to be a kid all over again. I get to play hard and nap harder. We all love our naps.

Ima or Mommy or Mamma (formerly known as Karen) will tell you that I am immature and that’s why I get along with kids. I just happen to love all kids (in a non creepy way. Not in that “hey little girl, you want some candy … get in the mothaF’n van” way. Not that way.). Well, let me rephrase that. I love all kids for the most part, not so much the ugly ones or the bratty ones. Just shitting. No, but seriously, only the cute ones. Ha ha. I think in my infinite wisdom, that I’ve picked up over these past 35 years, that it’s cause I’m a big kid at heart. If this makes me immature, well then so be it. Pass the crayons, please. (See, I said “please”, so now I can get my cookie.)

Ten months old, this month, my little offspring is. Wow, time really does fly. Every day I get up, go to work, and all day I can’t wait to get home to hang out and play. Jeesh, it seems like yesterday that I wasn’t getting any sleep, walking around in a haze, falling asleep at every stop light on the way to work, taking naps anytime I could. Ummm … I better stop now, I’m incriminating myself. LOL. Now, I’m still sleep deprived, catching naps whenever I can, and walking around like a zombie. I’ve just got it mastered.
I keep hearing this “enjoy it while it lasts, they sure grow up fast … in a blink of an eye” (not sure from who, probably everyone who has ever had kids). Holy crap, what am I in for? He’s already a proper little heller.(Just like his Daddy) What’s he going to be later?
In the meantime, there have been so many firsts. The first time our Benji sat up, crawled, walked behind his walker, and stood up on his own. How freaking awesome? Ya, I’m a softy. So many first that we are patiently waiting for – first tooth, first word, and more. I’m sure they will come before we know it, and then it will be on to the next firsts. Is that an oxymoron “the next first”? Hmm … How can the “next first” be “first”?

It will soon be our first Christmas or Hannukah or “Christmakah”. See how I left Christ in there? When will the Jewish folk learn? Ya, I went there. Ha, ha, he, he, ha. (with a big belly laugh) (really need an action app.) The tree didn’t go up this year, cause Benji would just pull it down. But, the lights are looking ever so stylish on the front of our homestead, Hannuakah baby onesie have been bought, both Christmas and Hannuakah presents are ready to be given, and a bunch of Hannukah parties are in the works. All that’s left for me “Big-Pappa” to do is to dust of my dancing shoes and grab the mistletoe belt out of the closet. It’s party time …Classy right?

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Another year goes flying by. Christ, where did it go? Two years today. There are so many things I’d like to tell my dad. If only I could talk to him for a minute I’d tell him all about his wonderful grandson. “Yes, that’s right dad, you have a grandson. Benjamin Mark Doucette, named after you. You would have enjoyed him and him you for sure.”…
As I think about the good times that we shared, such as camping and swimming, being tossed over your head and into the cold seawater at the beach, teaching me to play the guitar, or even just watching you tinker with old cars and me trying to hand you the correct wrench and listening to the string of profanities that would come out of your mouth when the wrench would slip. All that stuff makes me smile and almost laugh, but at the same time it brings a tear to my eye. Bittersweet.

I had always hoped that you would share some of this stuff with your grandkids, minus the profanity, of course. Lol. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. I hope someday Ben can look back and have a fond laugh or smile when he thinks of me. “Dad, you went away way too early and I’m very sorry that new people in this world are missing out on knowing you. You would have made an amazing grandparent and I’m deeply sorry that Benjamin will not have a chance to meet you. Who can tell what you guys would have done together. I’m sure there would have been many good times and he would have been spoiled rotten.”
The thought of all that freakin’ kills me, and I just have to grin and bear it every day.

Dad, I love you and miss you. R.I.P. 1954-2009

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Abba part deux

Baby came way early. Holy moly. Almost a month. Even though he was early, he still took a long time to come out. So finally, after 18.5 hours of labour, out popped his head (with a little help from Karen, of course). Just in case you were wondering I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever, After that, I got the privilege of cutting the cord. Now this was kind of scary, but the nurses guided me through it. What a strange and wonderful sensation I had. There are no words that describe my feelings (can’t even make one up as I have done in the past). I felt that I was on a high that I’m sure no drug could ever give. Felt like I was floating on a cloud. Is this really real, I kept thinking. After they cleaned him up, I got to hold him. Boy, let me tell ya, I had to fight back the tears. I may have let some slip, as Karen pointed out, “You’re crying!” “I am not,” I said. “Na, just dust, or maybe a little mist .” The doctor’s aid said that that’s ok because he was a bit misty-eyed himself. Remember people, it takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at him. I think Benjamin and I have a real connection, or maybe he just thinks I am the mommy ‘cause sometimes, more often than not, I’m the only one that can comfort him and make him quiet, and I’m fine with that. Really, really fine.

As I’ve said before, I was pretty unsure of how to be a good father. I think I’m figuring it out. It’s easy, for now. All you have to do is feed him, burp him, and change him. Oh, and spoil the hell out of him. Other than that, It’s pretty straight forward … well, once you figure out why he is fussing. The hardest part right now is waking him up to force feed him in the night. He is kicking the Jaundice (yellow baby. Am I the dad or some Chinese guy?…. Hmmmm), so this is a must. Everything is getting better day by day, but holy crap, he is sour when you wake him. (Kills me to see him so freaked out.) But hey, who wouldn’t be sour, being stripped down in the middle of the night (baby likes skin-to-skin) and torn away from your pleasant dreams and warm bed, all to be pressed up against mom, a nipple forced in your mouth, and made to suck. (He may not like that now, but when he’s 18, watch out. Of course, this will not be with his mommy. Did I really need to clarify that?) But soon this will end and we will let him wake us up and I’m sure he will be way happier. Fingers crossed…

Let me tell ya one thing that I have learned, Benjamin, or “Sir Poops-a-lot” as I have nicknamed him, is a real pooping machine. Seems like all he does is pee and poop. My gawd, he pees on everything, including mommy and daddy (that’s me and Karen). Keeps us busy changing diapers. You change one, then he poops in another right away. And if you leave his willy out too long, watch out, fire hose. Ha ha. Boys will be boys. Oh and let me just venture away for a sec on a tangent. What is the deal with doctors? They spend 7 years in university for their degree, and then when they speak to you they say “pee pee” and “poo poo.” “So how many pee pee and poo poo did Ben have today?” Is this the correct vernacular?

Anyway, all the spit up, pee and poop are soon forgotten when he looks at you and gives you a smile. My god, my heart just melts. He’ll be a lady killer with those looks and that smile. But that’s not for a while, and hay there is no real ruch. I am looking forward to growing up along with Benjamin and learning with him. Oooohhhh! Change time. Got to run.

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To be a father ,a dad, a papa, un pere, or an abba. Wow, this will be something new, this will be nuts. I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Will I be a good parent? Only time will tell.
The role of a father … for fun, I thought I would check with my pal Google, and this is what it said: An entry from the Bible- Ephesians 6:4- Imagine that.

By God’s standards, anyone who is a father should first be a husband (Hello, welcome to 2011). Otherwise, souls are guilty of the sin of fornication (ah yes, fornication= FUN) Therefore, being a responsible father first you need to be a good husband. (I got that. Wifie may tell you otherwise, but she will be lying.)One must love, honour, nourish and cherish his wife in every aspect of her life. (Yep.) Only then will one be prepared to be a good father.

Tells me squat. What can I do? I can’t give birth, got no “va JJ” and other such parts. Can’t give milk. Got no “bazankas.” I mean, I got man boobs, and they are quite wonderful but I don’t think they will do. In reality, all I can give is love. “All you need is love, love… love is all you need” – The Beatles. I only wish that is all you need, cause I have lots of that, I’m bustin at the seams, but there’s food and diapers and clothing and sleep. I’t enough to drive a man crazy with anxiety. (long deep breath) However, according to the “Bee eye bee ell eeeh”, I’m in good shape. Oy gevalt!

We got pictures from the ultrasound, and my gawd, I think we are having an alien child. Kind of spooky.BOO! The picture has the baby looking at us, but all you can see is the skull, with the holes for the eyes. Take a look for yourself. The doctor advised Karen not to watch the alien movies

The first time I felt baby kick was crazy awesome, and wee bit heeby- jeebyish, I thought it may have just been Karen’s gas, ha, ha. She says it kicks her hard, but when I come to feel, it stops. I guess it already knows who the boss is, and knows when to behave. They say (whoever the hell they are) you should play games with it. Poke or push on the belly and see if it pushes or kicks back(sounds like weeks and weeks of torment for baby?). How the heck do they know it’s a kick anyway? Could be a punch or a knee or even a head bunt to mom’s guts. Who’s to say? Now he kicks or punches etc… quite hard. Mind blowing but still creepy. No way it’s gas. Definitely something living in there. We have ourselves a future football or soccer player.

As most of you already know, IT’S A BOY. If you didn’t know,I apologies for not telling you. It was top secret at first but I let it slip. So now the cat is out of the bag. Not that it really matters, as long as it’s healthy and has a penis. No, that’s a joke. It’s all good, as long as he or she is healthy. With a daughter, that would be a girl, I would have no clue what to do. You can’t play cars or GI Joe with a little girl. A son, that would be a boy, will be vonderbar. Someone to emulate me. Mini me … but then Karen will be a bit lost, but she catches on fast. One thing I’m sure of is that the learning curve will be pretty steep. Am I alone in this thinking or do all new parents feel this at first or does instinct takes over?
All I have to do now is wait… Oh its freek out time now, with only 4 weeks or so more to go. Wow 4 week and voila a baby

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An observation, you will agree with.

Grocery shopping – My biggest pet peeve. In fact, it goes deeper than that, I detest it, no I hate it, no I loathe it, the very thought of it. So here is my observation. It’s a very simple process of loading and unloading. Those of you that know me will already be familiar with this particular observation, but here it is just the same.

First you load yourself and your reusable bags in the car (plastic bad), then you drive to the store where you unload yourself and the bags and load them into a cart … are you following so far? Here’s where it gets tricky. No, not really … you unload merchandise (groceries, etc.) off the shelves and into the cart. What comes next? Yep, you guessed it, you unload your cart at the cash (the check out). Next you proceed to load and unload the cart once again, (full bags back in the cart and full bags out of cart into car). See, it’s a vicious cycle. When you get home with a car load of groceries and an empty bank account (you unloaded some or most of your moneys), you need to unload the car Then unload the bags to put the items away (loading the fridge and cupboards). But wait, it doesn’t stop there, oh no, it keeps going. Later you unload your cupboard into a pan to cook and eat. You put it on a plate (unload from the pan load unto the plate) … I’m not high or drunk, it’s just my observation … and it keeps going on. Let’s see what comes next. Yes, you unload the plates (eating) into your belly. Mmmmm, good stuff. After you’re finished, you continue the process by removing (unloading) the condiments and loading the fridge, and you also need to load the dishwasher, which is followed by the unloading of said dishwasher at a later date. Then comes my favourite part. After you’ve done all this, your body does a little thing knows as digestion. You’ve loaded the body with delicious foods and drink and now it’s the body’s turn to unload (or drop a load if you prefer).The last step is great, but can we improve it? I think so, now bear in mind that this is only a thought and my opinion (which I’m sure you will share after I explain). What if we were to do the unloading of the plate and the body at the same time? Something to think about. No? So you would sit on the toilet at the same time as you eat your meals, doing both at the same time. Wow! What a huge time saver. Imagine all the free time you would have, by applying this to your daily routines. I’m cutting-edge people, cutting-edge let me tell ya. Way ahead of my time. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. In with new and out with the old. Get it? You take new food in and you let the old food go out. Hence loading and unloading the body at the same time. Just a thought or maybe I have way too much time on my hands….

It not just groceries shopping that cranks my gears it’s shopping in general. Wait a minute I actually love to shop. The problem is (I don’t think it’s a problem but the wife does) I’m an impulse shopper. We will just be walking around and I will decide to by a TV or an expensive camera or a car. Anything goes. We needed a car so we went out for a drive one day and boom popped into a dealership (the first one we drove buy) and in a half hour I (we) had purchased a car. We’re kind of in the market again for another vehicle, but I try to keep that thought out of my head for now, the funds are a wee bit low. Karen is the opposite of me (female).

She likes to research and research. It’s a wonder she buys anything, always looking for the best price and comparing this to that. If it’s something we need, hell, if it’s even something we want, I just pick it up and go. I’m, however, reluctantly changing for the better Karen would say (but I dunno). I now weigh it out … Hmmm, do we need it or do we just want it? How much is it? Can we afford it? I think she is wearing off on me. A prime example of this is when be bought our house. We had been looking for maybe only a month or so. Karen did a lot of research for this, so off we went to see the houses. I think there were 10. We saw them all in one night and we both liked the 10th one. We came to see it the next day (wanted to see it in daylight) and made an offer right away. If Karen wasn’t with me, I’d probably have made an offer on the first house right then and there, just to get the shopping experience over with. Karen is often scared about big purchases, and stresses to the max (me not so much. I’m a cool cucumber) She starts with the what ifs. “What if this or what if that? What if we? etc. But, here we are, going on three years, living in this house and we love it, with the car that we also enjoy parked in the garage. So I guess it’s OK to be an impulse shopper sometimes, and it’s OK to do the research sometimes, too.

It’s a good thing opposites really do attract other wise I would be broke all the time. On the other hand I would have lots of cool stuff. Hmmmmmm….

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The great egg nog search of 2010

Mmmmmmmmm yummy tasty egg nog. How can you go wrong some milk, nut meg, eggs and some rum. Mmmm mmm good… 10 pm, Christmas night ,on PEI. Good luck buying or finding your favourite xmas bevy at this “late ” hour. Ten is late on PE Island. So as thirsty as me and Matt were, we decided to pass up the pop,water and juice and go for a drive to find us some EGG NOG yes I yelled that.first store closed,second one sold out,third sold out, and fourth sold out. I mean what the hell? Was there some kind of run on PEI egg nog. Maybe everyone else had the same anchoring for the nice cold refreshing drink. so off we go vigorously searching around town for a strore that is open and a place that is not sold out. finely after about an hour we found a store that not only was open but had what we needed. God bless Irving service station. and god bless us all. Ha ha ha. My brother and I bought the last two litres of egg nog in Charlottetown. We even picked up a chocolate milk for good measure. Sorry about for your luck if you were also lookin. Now if you read between the lines and I know it might be tough ’cause my writing is pretty deep. You will see that it’s not only about the egg nog. It’s really about spending time with my brother. Bonding about nothing and everything and just being silly. Cheers, Happy Holidays everyone…
No it realy was about the egg nog lol.

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Ode to Grandparents

Growing up…. and there we go again, right back to young Wesley. Growing up I spent a lot of time hanging out with my Dad’s parents. I think my folks would just leave me there. Yep this is what grandparents are for don’t ya know? I don’t really remember too much about my Grandpa, except that he was good to me Imagine this … Gramps bouncing me up and down on his leg. Horsey rides. (I was a heck of a lot smaller back then). There was something wrong with his lungs I remember and he had an oxygen machine that he used every day. So bouncing me up and down must have taken a lot out of him as it would any man. I also remember him saying “For Jesus’ sake, if he wants it give it to him, let him have it.”, whatever it was. Usually food or the pots and pans to bang and clang together or how about cruising around with him in his Green Ford Torino. (I may be wrong about the car type ‘cause I was a only youngin’. I should check my facts before this goes to print. Ha, ha.) Trips to town or grocery store, he was never in a rush and never drove fast unless, it was to catch the liquor store. Hee,hee.
No, I can’t remember ever going to the in-and-out store with him, but I must have at least once or twice. Huh….

I do remember the car he had after that.(What can I say? I like cars and drives in said cars. I’m like a puppy. Can we go for a drive huh, huh, can we?) How could I forget his next car it was a Lada.– pea green.(He must of had a thing for green cars) Well, we are all in titled to a mistake or two in our lifetime. Who buys a Lada? Apparently my Grampy Doucette (lol).My aunt ended up with that car and drove it ‘till it fell apart. Turned out to be a not such a bad car. I was only 9 when He passed away so I’m sorry to say I don’t have a whole lot of memories, but the ones I do have are of happy times. As I look back I think this was the first wake that I ever attended, and I remember thinking “Geesh, I hope this is my last.”

Now onto my Grandmother (Nan), my Dad’s mother. Her and I were so close. I was the oldest. Eat your hearts out cousins, I was also her favourite. Ha, ha. Growing up and chilaxin’ with Nan was awesome. (I got spoiled). We would always be playing some kind of board games. Don’t Tip the Waiter, Monopoly, and so many more. Now keep in mind that these games were in mint condition before I got a hold of them. I would wake up and wait for my aunt “L” to go to school, than I would sneak into her room and get one of her games for us to play. I don’t remember breaking or loosing pieces (I was a kid, aunty “L”. Forgive and forget. Lol.), but it must have happened ‘cause she reminds me about it, to this day (over 25 years later).She tells me all about pay back. Hee,hee, I think she is still a wee bit bitter. “L” hid the games in the closet or under the bed, but if I couldn’t find them, Nan always could. Man, I was a brat. It’s kind of funny… the mad dash to put the games away as my aunts bus would pull into the drive. Yep, good times.
I would visit and stay overnight with Nan for years, right up until my late teens. She’d always ask “Are you gonna come in for a night, or two?” than we’d hang together cooking homemade Pizza and watching TV. She called it Pee-za. I always thought that was funny. PEI, a much simpler place and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Nan came to visit me in Ontario 2 or 3 times and that was great. We took her to Niagara Falls (Maid of the Mist), had her on the T.T.C. (Toronto Transit), Medieval Times (dinner and tournament) and the CN Tower (she said that she had never been up). Her and I went to the top of the tower and we left Karen and my mom on the ground. When we got back down, Nan says to Karen and mom, “ So you guys took the stairs up, did you? And you even beat us down.”We just laughed.

It was really tough for me to see her getting old. Every year that I would go back to P.E.I for a visit, she just looked older and older. This past Christmas was the first without her, and that stung a bit, it actually stung alot. I loved her and I miss her, but I still remember all the good times and laughs we shared, some even at her expense.

My Mom’s parents – I was never really as close to them, as I was to Dad’s. I regret this, but you can’t go back in time.(not even sure it’s something I could fix) I do however remember New Years day dinners at their place. We’d all get dressed up in “The Granny Christmas Sweaters” and head off to their home. We would eat crazy amounts of food (the good stuff) ham, turkey, roast beast and the list goes on and on. We’d have a huge meal (Gran is an awesome cook) and then it was on to the cards (auction) now that was something, getting to play cards with the adults. It made me feel all growed up (lol). This was the one time that that side of the family was all together. No arguments everyone getting along, well, for the most part, the game of auction is a pretty serious game and only for the hard core card players Ha!.
Grampy #2 (Mom’s dad) loves horses. Every winter, Xmas eve he would hitch the old mare and take us for a sleigh ride. Sittin’ on a bale of straw and covering up with the old buffalo blanket to stay warm and singing songs as dashed through the snow, this was always fun as a child and even as a young adult, especially when he’d give me the reins. (Giddy- up)

Karen and I always visit when we are home and I do enjoy it. We generally talk about horses or farming or family tree stuff, but it’s great. I’ve grown closer to that set of Grandparents since I’ve been away and for that I am truly thankful. They love Karen (as we all do. What’s not to love?) and the time we spend visiting with them, even if it is only for a short time and once a year.

… And in closing, let me just say that you should always appreciate grandparents, and never take them for granted. In an ideal world, they would stay with us throughout our whole lifetime (anything shorter just doesn’t cut it). And where would we be without grandparents? They’re the ones that helped shape us into what we are today … spoiled brats.

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